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Clinical toxicology involves the toxic effects of not only therapeutic agents but also those chemicals whose intention is not therapeutic but whose exposure has an environmental component. Analyzing the trouble of poisons and poisonings over the centuries can be seen that in spite of the different genealogies, the growth of clinical and forensic toxicology runs similar. However, slightly special areas of interests have been needed to produce. Staying in corresponding position and complement each other, they form a single order - Toxicology. The analytics is the core of toxicology, because the revolving point of the toxicology evolution was the development of laboratory diagnostic methods, whose role is still rising, enabling decision-making and consultative medical examination. The toxicology history is interesting and covers wide issues of the poisonings epidemiology, research methods.

  • Drug Abuse and Dependence
  • Drug Distribution
  • Drug Metabolism
  • Binding Site Identification
  • Posology
  • Drug Side Effects
  • Active Metabolites
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Drug Excretion
  • Cardiovascular drugs
  • Dental Pharmacology
  • Veterinary Pharmacology
  • Endocrine Drugs
  • Genitourinary Drugs
  • Pharmacogenetics
  • Allergy in Response to Drugs

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