Computational and Applied Toxicology

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Computational toxicology relates the application of numerous mathematical and computer models to find effects and recognize the cascade of events. Sometimes referred to as mode or mechanism of action that result in an harmful response. Toxicology in which systematic principles and procedures are utilized, usually in combination with other scientific or technological disciplines, for some purpose, such as to determine the physiological effect or safety of an administered product is termed as Applied Toxicology.

  • Integrated Systems
  • Future Directions for Risk Assessment
  • Predict Adverse Effects of the Toxicants
  • Neuro Toxicology
  • Systems Toxicology
  • Molecular Toxicology
  • Cellular Toxicology
  • Mycotoxicology
  • Analytical Toxicology

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Clinical Pharmacology-2017
Clinical Pharmacology-2017
Clinical Pharmacology-2017
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