Drug Biotransformation

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Drug biotransformation plays an essential responsibility in the eradication of drugs and other foreign ingested chemicals xenobiotics and most are extensively metabolized from the body but, they do not cause any harm.It is value noting that many drugs are resultant from chemicals establish in plants, some of them had been used in Chinese herbal medicines for thousands of years. As the prescription drugs in use today for cancer treatment, many of them get from plant species by investigating folklore claims led to the finding of most of these drugs. In other ways, especially during oxidative metabolism, numerous chemical procarcinogens form reactive metabolites accomplished of covalent binding to biopolymers where as proteins and nucleic acids most important to mutagenic, teratogenic, cytotoxic and carcinogenic effects

  • Microbial Biotransformation
  • Detoxification
  • Bioactivation
  • Drug Modification Reactions
  • Drug Conjugation Reacions

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Clinical Pharmacology-2017
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