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Dayue Darrel Duan
Dayue Darrel Duan
Professor, Department of Pharmacology
University of Nevada, Reno

Dayue Darrel Duan, M.D., Ph.D., FAHA, is a Professor of Pharmacology and Principle Investigator of the Laboratory of Cardiac and Vascular Phenomics in the Center for Molecular Medicine at the School of Medicine University of Nevada in Reno (UNR), Nevada. Following the completion of his Ph.D. training with Dr. Stanley Nattel in Montreal Heart Institute and McGill University in 1996, Dr. Duan joined the lab of Dr. Joseph R. Hume, a world-leader in cardiovascular ion channels and electrophysiology, with a Canadian MRC postdoctoral fellowship. Dr. Duan became a faculty of UNR as a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Physiology and Cell Biology in 1998 and rose to an Associate Professor rank in 1999. Dr. Duan was appointed Associate Professor in 2001, tenured Associate Professor in 2005 and Professor in 2009 in the Department of Pharmacology at UNR. In his 30 years of research and study in cardiovascular field Dr. Duan discovered several anion channels in the heart and has made significant original contributions to the study of biophysics, physiology, pharmacology, and molecular biology of ion channels in the cardiovascular system. His current research focuses on the phenomics of ion channels in the cardiac and vascular systems. The Duan laboratory has been being continuously supported by research grants from NIH, American Heart Association (AHA), and American Diabetes Association. His laboratory has established several animal models for cardiac diseases and hypertension and has the capacity to study the genome-phenome relationship and molecular mechanisms for cardio- and cerebrovascular disease at multiple levels ranging from whole animal to molecular levels. He delivered over 100 invited lectures worldwide. He is currently a member of the Editorial Board of numerous journals, Associate Editor of Acta Pharmacologica Sinica and Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Clinical & Experimental Cardiology.

Research Interest

Her research interests include: the regulation and suppression of human UGTs and their role as anti-proliferative agents in cancer models, the interactions between UGTs and cannabinoid receptors, the delivery of UGT genes and drugs into cancer cells using nanomaterials, and the roles of UGTs in the biotransformation of drugs including resveratrols and drugs of abuse such as marijuana and synthetic cannabinoids.

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