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Vsevolod V Gurevich
Vsevolod V Gurevich
Professor, School of Medicine
Vanderbilt University

Dr. Gurevich got his PhD in Bioorganic Chemistry at the Shemyakin Institute in Moscow. He studied structure and function of arrestin proteins since he joined the lab of Dr. Benovic as a post-doc in 1991. Dr. Gurevich’s studies revealed why arrestins prefer active phosphorylated GPCRs and how they sense receptor-attached phosphates. His lab constructed phosphorylation-independent arrestin mutants and tested their ability to compensate for the defects of GPCR phosphorylation. His lab elucidated the structural basis of arrestin preference for particular GPCRs and constructed the first non-visual arrestins with high receptor specificity. In collaboration with different crystallographers Dr. Gurevich’s lab solved the structures of all four vertebrate arrestins in basal conformation and the structure of the arrestin-rhodopsin complex.

Research Interest

Her research interests include: the regulation and suppression of human UGTs and their role as anti-proliferative agents in cancer models, the interactions between UGTs and cannabinoid receptors, the delivery of UGT genes and drugs into cancer cells using nanomaterials, and the roles of UGTs in the biotransformation of drugs including resveratrols and drugs of abuse such as marijuana and synthetic cannabinoids.

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